Keep in its tiny size, packed with rechargable Li-ion battery. Easy to use and charge.

FlashQ Trigger T2 is your perfect companion for off-camera flash photography.

Notes of Compatibility
  • FlashQ Trigger (model T2) works on Sony cameras / flashes with latest Multi Interface Shoe (MIS), and other cameras / flashes from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Lumix, Metz, Nissin, etc.
  • The trigger signal is barely on the central contact of standard ISO hot shoe. No TTL information is transmitted by FlashQ Trigger.
  • FlashQ Trigger (model T2 / T1-S / T1) is not compatible with the older Sony/Minolta-style Auto-lock Accessory Shoe.
  • FlashQ receiver is not recommended for the old high-voltage flashes and those flashes which not self-powered by battery.
technical specifications
  •  Size: 25 x 25 x 20 mm (Transmitter) , 25 x 25 x 15 mm (Receiver)
  •  2.4GHz low-power digital radio
  •  160 radio channels
  •  10M operating range
  •  No TTL, sync speed up to 1/250 * for focal plane shutters, and 1/1000 * for leaf shutters
  •  Max. 900usec X-sync latency (by FlashQ System)
  •  Tolerate Max. 30V port sync voltage (on FlashQ Receiver)
  •  3V voltage present on male hot shoe centre pin (on FlashQ Transmitter)
  •  Sync cable connection for studio strobes (Sold separately)
  •  Rechargable Li-ion battery inside
  •  Transmitter per charge : 80 hours operation and 120 days standby
  •  Receiver per charge : 10 hours operation and 120 days standby
  •  LED indication: Green – operating; Red – triggering; Blue - pairing
   * On compatible cameras and flashes


FlashQ Trigger T2 (English)